Pròxim is a desperate attempt to find a corporality that allows us to continue living in
this world. Inspired by texts by Bruno Latour, Vinciane Despret, Donna Haraway and
Judith Butler, we ask ourselves what body is required for what is coming upon us. As in
many previous pieces by the company, we avoid the assumption that the ground will
always remain motionless and unscathed under our feet, and we launch into dancing
on a ground that growls, screams and cracks, but that also welcomes us, gives us
shelter, covers and sustains us. The conviction that we must relearn to move and tread
is part of the security of witnessing a drastic, perhaps irreversible change, after which
we can invent a new way of inhabiting this place and relating to its inhabitants.

Direction: Santi de la Fuente
Dancers: Marta García, Paula Romero, Iván Colom and Santi de la Fuente
Lights and scenography: Raúl León (UPV) and Diego Sánchez (Los Reyes del Mambo)
Text: Elsa Moreno
Sound: Mendoza