We could be two old junk forgotten in a move, but the truth is that we are two boys (two men) who have decided to generate an iconography alien to hegemonic masculinity without almost ever succeeding. Transiting between abstract, fantastic, sexual and human figures, we trace a journey in which we constantly change nature, which is the only thing contemporary dance can offer the viewer: the potential for change of nature that we all share.

LlocJocXoc is a game in which whoever forgets himself for the longest time wins, who undoes his contours and gets confused with the cardboard, who manages to separate forms, rhythms, cadences and blows so that no message has the firmness that language has . Escaping from the words that define us by mutating, the game would be perfect if, at the end, we were something different than at the beginning. This is impossible, that’s why we like it.

Company: La Coja Dansa

Creation and interpretation: Diego M. Buceta y Santi de la Fuente/ Iván Colom

Texts: Maribel Bayona

Music: Heezen

Lights: Hipólito Patón

Video and stage design: Raúl León (UPV)

Production: Raquel Vidal