The key notion of the individual must remain flickering. This is what Edgar Morin affirms and this is how it seems to us. The common belief that the person seems to be the center of the universe, autonomous and independent, fills us with astonishment, as much as reducing its importance to that of a fleeting chapter in the history of a species and an ecosystem. That is why, inspired by «The Disappearance of the Fireflies», by Didi-Hubermas, we decided to change perspective, look from a minority point of view and turn off the dominant lights that blind us when it comes to understanding ourselves. Thus, among all of them, we find a territory also full of sensuality, sparkles, minority lights, hidden jewels. Morin says that the individual is a limping category, so who better than us to prove it.

Company: La Coja Dansa

Creation and directed by: Tatiana Clavel & Santi de la Fuente

Movement coach director: Santi de la Fuente

Lighting: Diego sánchez

Production: Pepín Zurriaga

Stage Director: Raúl León (UPV)

Music: Hizeen

Cast: Paula Romero, Elsa Moreno, Marta García, Guillermo Llorens, Iván Colom & Santi de la Fuente

Texts: Elsa Moreno